Andy Allen , Musical Director

Andy has sung with Hallmark since late 2004, and has been a tenor, a lead, and a baritone so far.

Andy has sung with Doghouse Quartet since 2007 and they have a national 11th-place finish to their name. Andy has directed Hallmark for just over three years, and has led the chorus to a 9th, a 10th and, in 2012, a bronze medal finish.

Andy has previously been chairman of the National Barbershop Youth Chorus and Treasurer before that, and that is where his relationship with Tim started, and blossomed…

Steve Holden , Assistant Musical Director

Steve is the Mr Miyagi of the group. Steve is back for his second stint with Hallmark having been director with them up to (AD) 2000, and having directed them to their last gold medal. Steve has continued to sing with another Sheffield-based choral group who pick up awards for their singing internationally.

Steve has in his back pocket not one but two quartet gold medals, and has been coaching Hallmark for the last two years. He became Assistant Director recently having been part of the bronze medal winning team in 2012.

Tim Briggs , Assistant Musical Director

Tim is the excitable puppy of the team. He is also our choreo man and has experience beyond his years.

Tim is a current silver medallist quartetter with Mach 4 (2012) who are also youth champions from the past two years. He has also sung as a tenor in the quartet finals with Quadrahedron.

Tim started his barbershop career with Leeds and Bradford club, then moved to Spirit of Harmony (where he still sings) and has been with Hallmark for over two years.

Executive Committee

Of the eight man executive team Bob Devine, Chairman, Glenn Goodman, Secretary and Paul Mason, Treasurer hold key positions. The executive are dedicated to ensuring all members of Sheffield Barbershop Harmony Club have FUN and enjoy their singing.

Bob aged 65 is serving his fourth term as Chairman. He sings Tenor and has three main aims for the club; to improve the standard of singing, grow the number of singers and strengthen the leadership.

Glenn aged 68 has been Secretary for a number of years. He sings Baritone, but has recently changed to Bass and is very active in ensuring members are well informed and motivated. He is key to the smooth running of the club by his detailed attention to many administration functions.

Paul aged 47 has been Treasurer for the last two years. He sings Bass and is a keen quartet member. He works very hard bringing the clubs IT systems into the 21st century and handling the day to day finances of the club.